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Pre-Order Bouquets

Pre-ordering bouquets is a promise from us to you that we will have what you want, when you want it (subject to mother nature, of course!). Perfect for giving flowers as a gift, hosting dinner parties or other small events. Basically, if you're interested in purchasing more than 3+ bouquets, you're in the right spot.


All bouquets come wrapped. Please be sure to get your flowers in some water shortly after picking them out. Yes, that means don't make the stop at the store. Flowers don't like being out of water for long.

Mixed seasonal blooms and foliage.

Large bouquets (15-20 long stems): $25

Small bouquets (8-12 short stems) $15

Pay @ pick up.

Pick up:

@ the farm: Fri - Sun 8a-12p

Portsmouth Farmers Market, Saturdays 8a-12p


We can often make exceptions, so don't hesitate to ask.

Mixed dahlias Meristem Flower Farm

Flower availability subject to season/weather. You can check out our Instagram for recent photos of our offerings.

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