Wedding Options

Bridal Bouquet: $125

Bridesmaid Bouquet: $85

Boutonnières: $25

Small Bouquet (8-12 short stems)*: $30

Large Bouquet (15-20 long stems)*: $50

Bud vases: $20 - price includes vase

Dried flowers (for confetti, or other decorating needs):

25 cups dried flowers | 50-75 guests | $125

Add brown paper confetti cones $15/25

Bulk Flower Buckets: $115 - $145 | learn more about buckets

* option to add vase - +$15 large, +$ 10 small

Choose local, in-season flowers for your day.

Our designs are driven by the season, so some flexibility and trust is required. We promise to deliver high quality and unique blooms that won't disappoint.


All of our flowers are grown without pesticides in Strafford, NH using sustainable farming practices. 

We know this is a special event for you, so don't be shy with questions. Let's see how we can collaborate.