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Forced Bulbs
Paperwhites & Amaryllis  

Forced bulbs will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water, sunshine and soil or stones. Follow these simple instructions to take care of your blooms! 



 Be careful! Bulbs do not like to sit in a lot of water. They will

rot and be unable to grow.  

Your forced bulbs have a large layer of rocks where your bulbs are nestled in. Add only enough water to barely make contact with the bottom of the bulbs. Once the bulb send out roots they will reach down into the water  (see picture).

For future watering, just keep an eye on the water level to make sure it does not drop more than 1" below the rock line.

When the bulb is just getting settled and setting roots, you won't need to water as often. Once the bulb sets roots, you will need to pick up on the watering. Typically twice a week, depending on indoor temperatures.


Forced bulbs that have started to grow need bright light, but once in bloom the flowers will last longer if the plant stays around 65˚. An ideal location for your planter is a cooler spot with indirect sunlight. Nearby a window or a tabletop near a window is great. Avoid a southern window with the sun streaming in all afternoon.

Paperwhites: 4-6 weeks

Amaryllis: 4-5 weeks 


Paperwhites are known for their long stems, but sometimes they are too long and this can cause them to flop over!

The “secret” is to stunt the growth of your paperwhites by watering them with some diluted alcohol. Learn more about this simple trick. OR, try supporting your long stems with homemade mini-stakes and string!

Mersitem stop 35 paperwhites in bloom.jpg
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