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Paperwhite Bulbs
Planting Instructions

Paperwhites will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water, sunshine and soil or stones. Follow these simple instructions to plant and enjoy your blooms! Please read all instructions and tips before planting.


1. If you've been gifted a kit with soil, take the time to prep the soil by moistening it. Pour the soil into your planting container and drizzle some water on top (about a 1/2 cup or so). Let sit for 5-10 minutes. If using rocks, you can jump right to step 2.

2. Now that you have your soil or rocks in the container, you are ready to plant the bulbs. Place the bulbs in your container, pointed end up, and firmly push them down into the rocks or soil - sort of nesting them into the planting medium. Almost the entire bulb should be above the soil/rock line (see picture). Paperwhites can be placed very close to one another, even touching.

3. Water your paperwhites. Be careful, bulbs do not like to sit in water. When the bulb is just getting settled and setting roots, you won't need to water as often. Once the bulb sets roots, you will need to pick up on the watering. Typically twice a week, depending on indoor temperatures.

  • If your container has rocks: water up to the very bottom of the rocks (see picture). For future watering, just keep an eye on the water level to make sure it does not drop more than 1" below the rock line.

  • If your container has soil: you've already moistened the soil, so just add a little bit of water after nesting the bulbs in, taking care not to let the bulbs sit in heavily wet soil or water. It is best to directly water the soil when watering, don't pour water over bulbs. For future watering, add water to moisten the soil when the soil is dry about 1/2 - 1" below the surface.

4. Set your bulbs in a cool space (about 60 degrees) away from direct sunlight. In a few days to a week, gently tug on the bulbs to see if they have begun to root. When your tug meets with firm resistance, move the container to a sunny window.


5. Enjoy! Your paperwhites should bloom in four to six weeks.



Planting Tips and Ideas:

Our paperwhite containers can hold up to four bulbs. But why not spread the love? Any container without a hole in the bottom can be used for planting paperwhites! Even a single bulb in a small container has a beautiful effect.

Paperwhites are known for their long stems, but sometimes they are too long and this can cause them to flop over!

The “secret” is to stunt the growth of your paperwhites by watering them with some diluted alcohol. Learn more about this simple trick. OR, try supporting your long stems with homemade mini-stakes and string!

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